What is a Gift of Canadian Nature?

A Gift of Canadian Nature is a symbolic gift that will help the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) continue our critical conservation work. With a minimum $40 donation, you can help protect some of Canada's most sensitive natural landscapes. A Gift of Canadian Nature is the perfect gift for nature lovers.

What makes up a Gift of Canadian Nature package?

Symbolic gifts come with a frame-ready certificate, a booklet with stunning images of nature and wildlife, and an NCC calendar showcasing Canada’s most beautiful landscapes and iconic animals.

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly gift option, you can choose a paperless symbolic gift. Your recipient will receive an e-certificate or e-card showcasing one of NCC’s most stunning imagery and a personalized message from you.

What are the species and landscapes that I can choose from?

The list of species to choose from can be found here. The list of habitats to choose from can be found here.

What is the meaning of a symbolic gift?

By selecting a specific species or landscape for your Gift of Canadian Nature, and by making this symbolic gift, you are supporting all of NCC's conservation efforts and the many animals and landscapes that benefit from your support. You are also inspiring others to help protect Canada’s natural areas and the species they sustain.

What is the difference between an e-card and a paperless gift package?

The minimum donation for an e-card is $20. You can send an e-card to your friends and family and help conserve Canadian species and landscapes here.

The minimum donation for a paperless package is $40. You can choose to send a paperless gift package to help protect a species here or a landscape here, which will include a full-colour, 8.5” x 11” downloadable e-certificate.

Will I receive a tax receipt?

Yes, you will receive a tax receipt for your Gift of Canadian Nature.

Is my credit card information secure?

All of the data on our website is encrypted using software that is in accordance with a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards-compliant environment. All data collected is completely secure and sent to a secure server.

How will I receive confirmation of my order?

You will receive an email confirmation of your order and a second email to confirm that your order has been mailed to your recipient.

I did not receive a confirmation that my order has been mailed. What should I do?

If you have not received an email confirmation of your order, please contact our Supporter Services team at 1-800-465-8005 or by email at supporter.services@natureconservancy.ca. We will be happy to confirm if your order has been mailed.

Can I track my package?

As a non-profit organization, we are unable to ship items by tracked mail. However, you will receive a confirmation email once you have placed your order and a second email once your package has been mailed.

What carrier does NCC use to send my package?

NCC uses Canada Post to mail your package.

What is the shipping timeframe for my Gifts of Canadian Nature package?

As a non-profit, we cannot guarantee shipping times. The estimated delivery time of our symbolic gifts is three weeks within Canada from the date you placed your order. Please allow four weeks before contacting us if your shipment is delayed.

By selecting our paperless symbolic gift option, you’ll receive an electronic version of your certificate instantly.

Please note that if you purchase multiple gifts, they may be shipped individually and may not arrive at the same time.

For international shipping, items are sent by international priority mail and we estimate that items will arrive within four to six weeks; however, we cannot guarantee shipping times. Please note that packages may be delayed due to a country's customs regulations. NCC is not responsible for any customs fees incurred during shipping.

All items are sent out as expeditiously as possible once a donation has been made, and no changes or cancellations can be made once the donation has been submitted.

Is rush shipping available?

We're sorry, but we don’t offer rush shipping.

Will my package arrive before Christmas?

We will do our best to ensure your package arrives before Christmas. However, we cannot guarantee shipping times.

If you have not placed your order for a symbolic gift package by Dec.12 and would like to gift it to someone for Christmas, we recommend that you choose a paperless symbolic gift*. To choose paperless and have your gift sent immediately by email, just check “Go Paperless” when entering the details of your gift.

*Paperless packages will only receive an e-certificate.

How much does shipping cost?

Within Canada: free
U.S. shipping: $5
International: $10

Can I change my order after it has been submitted?

To provide the best and most efficient customer service, we process all orders immediately after they are submitted. Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel and/or make any changes to your order after it has been placed. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Donors occasionally realize after placing their order that they made a typing error when they entered the names for their certificates. Although we are unable to change orders after they have been placed, our Supporter Services team would be happy to send you corrected certificates. They will be sent as a separate order at no charge.

I want to make a Gift of Canadian Nature for someone else, but ship it to my own address. How do I do that?

If you want to make a Gift of Canadian Nature for someone else, but ship it to your own address, you can do so by putting your own address in the recipient address fields (shipping information section of the website giftsofnature.ca) as well as in the billing address. Please make sure to put the correct recipient name in its field, or for blank certificates add "N/A" to the recipient name field.

When can my gift recipient download the e-certificate?

If you order a paperless gift, the e-certificate will be emailed to the gift recipient as soon as you submit your order or on the future date that you choose to send the email. The email will contain a link to the e-certificate, which is available for immediate download.

If you are not able to download the certificate, you can try to open it in another browser. If this does not work, please call our Supporter Services team at 1-800-465-8005 or email us at supporter.services@natureconservancy.ca.

I want to buy a GCN package or multiple GCN packages and make an extra gift. How do I do that?

If you would like to purchase a Gift of Canadian Nature and make an extra donation, you can do so by clicking on the "continue shopping" button after inputting the details of each order. Once you are done, your orders, the extra donation will be summarized in your “shopping cart" prior to the payment information page.

My e-card was not received. What can I do?

If you have not received your e-card, please check your spam folder. If it is not there, our Supporter Services team will be happy to resend your e-card. You can call us at 1-800-465-8005 or email us at supporter.services@natureconservancy.ca.

I don’t want to buy anything; I just want to make a donation. Where can I do this?

To make a donation to NCC, you can visit our donation page here.